Date: August 5



This flight camp was held on the 5th of August in Stalakh Jan Rudbar area of ​​Gilan province with the presence of 24 people consisting of 3 paraglider pilots, 4 technical staff and 14 recreational flight passengers for 1 day.



After local coordination and official correspondence with the officials of the flight site of Stelekh Jan, on Tuesday, August 5, all the team members moved from Karaj and Tehran to the village of Stelekh Jan with 10 cars and arrived at the site at 9:00 AM. On the ground, all the team members took off in local cars and after 10 minutes we arrived at the take off place and from 9:30 to 14:00 in the evening 24 recreational and educational sorties were conducted for the participating members.


After the flight process, the logistics team prepared an attractive snack in the pleasant atmosphere of the land, and then we went to the accommodation for the next day’s program.




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