Time of holding: May 28, 1402


The team was sent to the area with 20 surveyors headed by Saeed Bakshi and technicians Farzad Karmi, Arzo Ashtian and Maryam Ashtian, and after completing the technical work and safely guiding the surveyors along the way, they reached the exit point and were sent to the team’s main camp.

Peno is one of the most beautiful valleys in the province of Gilan, in the town of Langrod, in the village of Penulil.


This valley has many jumps and the number of landings in this valley reaches 6.


This program is not one of the technical programs, and people who have no canyoning experience can participate in this survey with the help of canyoning professors.
People go near the valley by private car and reach the beginning of the valley after about an hour of walking through the forest.

The survey started at 9:00 AM and ended at 5:00 PM.



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